Our Teacher

Meet the Teacher at Little Hands

Music Together® teachers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but they’re united by a common passion: Sharing the joy of music with children and families! 

All teachers have successfully completed the live Music Together Teacher Training, which is built on research in early childhood and music development. We keep our skills fresh through workshops every semester and advanced trainings offered by Music Together Worldwide.

photo Scott Harres (aka Mr. Scott)

I have a lifelong passion for music, singing, piano, guitar, trombone, drums, YOU NAME IT.  My Music Together classes bring me SO much joy and laughter.  Each week, seeing my families and their children make my days so much brighter!  Essentially, classes are filled with cuteness OVERLOAD.  


I live in Columbia, IL near our center.  My wife Kelly and I have a 2-year-old daughter, Hazel, and she is our everything.  You can catch her in class (sometimes several times per week LOL), and she absolutely LOVES the Music Together songs.  


My wife Kelly is a pediatric nurse practioner at St. Clair Pediatrics, and they have offices in Swansea and Columbia!  So, if you're looking for an office for your children, go check them out.  Kelly and the entire staff are AMAZING, and the offices are very clean and bright.  


In class, I sometimes break out my acoustic guitar to accompany our singing or dancing.  I'm a pretty goofy guy, so I have a ton of fun with the kids, and they have a blast in class!